Our Story

minou-about-photo2Photographer : Kimberly M. Wang / eardog

Originally from Montreal, Julie and Marie-Michelle are the style makers behind Minou Kids. Friends since before they could talk, they grew up sharing a love for fashion, travel, and entrepreneurship.

The friends now both live in Vermont, and their inspiration for Minou Kids comes from raising their own: Julie has a son Leo (5) and a daughter Ella (3); and Marie-Michelle has a son, Felix (3). With sweet muses and never enough time to shop at all the stores they love, they found their mission for Minou Kids: a one-stop shop for the best emerging designers in kids clothing and accessories.

Together, they love every aspect of running Minou Kids, and they’re constantly trying to improve the Minou Kids experience.

“Minou Kids is fueled by the individual stories and mission of the designers and small companies that are featured on the site. We love each anecdote of their inspirations, their families and their dedication to high quality.” – Julie & Mimi

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