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‘Minou’ means ‘kitten’ in French. When you tell a kid that he is “un petit minou,” it means he’s just adorable…and maybe a little bit naughty.

At Minou Kids we’re on a mission: To make finding the very best in kids clothing and accessories effortless (and incredibly fun) for you.  We hand-pick our favorite styles from top designers, and search high and low to find small, undiscovered, and up-and-coming boutique brands–so you don’t have to!

We know our favorites will become yours.

We also know that finding just the right gift for your favorite kid, or the newest baby in your life, means splurging on something unique and useful that will delight their mom too, and show just how much you care.  From our monthly Pop-Up Shops featuring original finds, to our carefully curated Gift Ideas, you’ll find so many things to love

We never tire of talking about ‘minou’ clothes for kids, and we always want your questions, comments and suggestions. Tell us what you like–because you have exceptional taste!

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